1864-65 Ambala campaign - role of the Highland Regiment

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1864-65 Ambala campaign - role of the Highland Regiment

Postby lennoxsd » 10 Sep 2011 13:41


I am interested in the Ambala campaign of 1864-65. Do folks on this forum include this in the scope of the Victorian Wars? Bit new to this. If so I would like to know where it is best to find archives for the soldiers who took part?

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Re: Ambala campaign of 1864-65 / Highland Regiment in India

Postby crimea1854 » 10 Sep 2011 16:16


It does fall into the remit of the Forum, and as a starting point can you post the name(s) of the men and their regiment so a check can be made of the medal roll - India General Service Medal (1854), with the 'Umbeyla' clasp for this particular campaign.

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Re: Ambala campaign of 1864-65 / Highland Regiment in India

Postby jonc@adelaide.on.net » 11 Sep 2011 06:10

I have some knowledge of the campaign - one of the few occasions when the Pathans seriously threatened Britsh dominance on the Frontier. Note that the spelling of the campaign differs. Amballa is elsewhere in India. Ambella was a spelling used (eg by Fortesque et al) but generally the spelling is Umbeyla - this is used on the medal clasp.
I have a medal to the 71stHLI but the 93rd were also present. Hopefully I can attach a photo of the latter regiment guarding some prisioners - embarassingly I can't find where I scanned it from so must apologise to the copyright holder.

93rd w prisoners Umbeyla.tiff
93rd w prisoners Umbeyla.tiff (278.46 KiB) Viewed 2938 times
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Re: Ambala campaign of 1864-65 / Highland Regiment in India

Postby Maureene » 11 Sep 2011 07:47

The FIBIS Fibiwiki has pages “Ambela Campaign” and “71st Regiment of Foot” which include links to online books. One in particular, about the History of the 71st Regiment includes details of the 71st Regiment in the Campaign and includes some individual names.
http://wiki.fibis.org/index.php?title=7 ... nt_of_Foot

The latter page includes a link to the Regimental Museum which contains a Library if lennoxsd is looking for specific information.

If lennoxsd is interested in records of individual soldiers, apart from medal rolls, see the FIBIS Fibiwiki page British Army, in particular the section Records.
There are details of the online WO 97 service records on FindMyPast, or if these are not applicable, there are muster records at the National Archives Kew. These latter require either a personal visit or a researcher.

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Re: 1864-65 Ambala campaign - role of the Highland Regiment

Postby Ken » 08 Nov 2014 01:08

This maybe outside the scope of this thread but is Lt Montagu Clementi ,Bengal Staff Corps, on the medal roll for the Umbeyla clasp?
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Re: 1864-65 Ambala campaign - role of the Highland Regiment

Postby Victorian Dad » 21 Sep 2017 03:07

Would be interested to know whether it was only the 71st & 93rd Regiments that were involved in this campaign. I have a LSGC medal to a chap would according to his service papers was with the 94th on the 12th July 1865, his service papers make no mention of him being awarded any medals at all and I'm curious to know whether the 94th qualified for this campaign medal. It's interesting as they arrived in India in 1857, but don't appear to have qualified for the Mutiny Medal either?
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Re: 1864-65 Ambala campaign - role of the Hig

Postby jonc@adelaide.on.net » 23 Sep 2017 12:04

94th as a unit was not present. It was possible to spend long periods in India with no active service - probably true for the majority of British units in 19th & 20th century troops
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Re: 1864-65 Ambala campaign - role of the Highland Regiment

Postby bill wright » 01 Oct 2017 16:47

Umbeyla is a fascinating campaign.....the only full-length account is SITANA by Col. John Adye (Richard Bentley, London 1867) which has been reprinted a few times or can be read online as Mauranee points out. My ancestor, Maj-Gen. Robert Rogers, fought in the campaign and I am lucky enough to own his copy heavily covered in pencil additions to the text. Most good accounts of frontier campaigns eg CAMPAIGNS ON THE NORTH-WEST FRONTIER by Capt. H. Nevill (several reprintings) and FROM THE BLACK MOUNTAIN TO WAZIRISTAN by Col H. Wylly (Macmillan 1912) have chapters on it. More recent chapters are in KHYBER by Charles Miller (Macmillan 1977) and GOD`S TERRORISTS by Charles Allen (Little, Brown 2006). Other solid but more scarce accounts can be found in RECORD OF THE EXPEDITIONS AGAINST THE NORTH-WEST FRONTIER TRIBES by Paget & Mason (Whiting, 1885) and FRONTIER & OVERSEAS EXPEDITIONS FROM INDIA (which to some extent repeats Paget & Mason) published in India (but also reprinted). There is, I am happy to say, an extremely rare Parliamentary Paper devoted solely to the campaign - EAST INDIA (NORTH WEST FRONTIER) 1864 of 200 pages which also lists all the despatches.
Of particpants there are relatively few published accounts - a young "Bobs" served there and he recounts his experiences on pages 1-22 of his 2nd vol of FORTY-ONE YEARS IN INDIA (Richard Bentley 1897) Another firsthand account is on pages 44-75 of THROUGH PERSIA IN DISGUISE by Col C. Stewart (Routledge 1911). A third is THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GENERAL SIR JAMES BROWNE (BUSTER BROWNE) by Lt-Gen. Macleod Innes pages 65-83 (John Murray 1905).
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