The "Tenth" and the King

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The "Tenth" and the King

Postby rclpillinger » 17 May 2013 20:58

From The 10th Royal Hussars Gazette" July 1911, Major Pillinger was eulogising about the imagined spectacle of the Coronation procession in London, from his station in Rawal Pindi, and probably whipping up enthusiasm for the Durbar at the end of the year. He goes on to write:

To one of the most important funtions of the coronation year, viz. The King's Levee, a decided Tenth Hussars aspect was imparted by the attendance of no fewer than 48 officers of the Regiment: 42 past and 6 present. It is permissable to assert that this unique gathering impressed His Majesty and created little short of a sensation amongst those attending the Levee.
MAJOR STANLEY BARRY DSO may shower congratulations upon himself (as we do) on the immense success which waited upon his efforts and enabled him to witness the presentation to His Majesty of so many Tenth Hussars. Included amongst them were:
Lord Ralph D Kerr K C B, -- Viscount Downe K C V O, C B, C I E, -- Sir John Brabazon K C B, -- Boyce Combe,

Viscount Valentia C B, M V O, T D, -- Sir H G L Crichton K C B, A D C, T D, -- Hon. J P Napier, -- Manners Wood , --
H Alexander D S O -- R H F W Wilson -- Lord Alwyne Compton -- P Sandeman -- R C D'E Spottiswoode--
Hon E Baring C V O -- E W D Baird

Hon G L Bryan -- A Hughes-Onslow -- Lord George Scott -- Hon J Dawnay D S O -- Sir John Milbanke V C --
Stanley Barry D S O -- E A Shearman -- A Poole

Hon H T Allsopp -- C S Greenwood -- R S Chaplin -- Lord Southampton -- Hon F W Stanley -- Hon A Annesley--
C H Potter -- F S Rose

A Farquharson -- Sir W Bass -- T A Bouch -- Lt and Adjt. W L Palmer -- and others whose names were not notified.

What a list!
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Re: The "Tenth" and the King

Postby Bosquoy » 20 May 2013 21:12

Impressive enough - even without the 17 "whose names were not notified".

Is there any reference to that gathering beyond the Gazette?
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