Picture from 1911 India

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Picture from 1911 India

Postby rclpillinger » 08 Sep 2015 20:24

This is an interesting picture from the Coronation Durbar, taken of Lady and Sir Alexander Fraser with several Indian Maharajas, a couple of soldiers, and a few others. I think the facial expressions say quite a lot. Lady Frazer clearly does not want to be there, most of the Indians look as if they have seen the future, although one guy at the back looks like he wants to hasten the future, and the soldiers look sort of oblivious to it all, although a little guarded , but contemptuous. The man two from the right of Her Ladyship has the look of someone about to be run over by an elephant. The brown mark across Lady Frazer is on the photo, not from the elephant!

If anyone has names for any of the Indian rulers or the soldiers I would love to know.

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