Where was SN 3/ 7867 issued?

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Where was SN 3/ 7867 issued?

Postby stuwismulGen » 05 Jun 2015 11:53

I’m chasing the pre-WW1 experiences for an English ancestor whose attestation records are lost/burnt. His SN 3//67 and WW1 medals card suggests he was in the Special Reserve pre WW1 as he disembarked in France with the Suffolk Reg in Sep 1914.
So, I’m wondering what I can learn from the SN 3/7867 ie: can the number identify/ confirm the regiment attested to, and/or the place and date of enlistment?
If he was a Suffolk Special what administrative records might have been produced (separate fm those burnt) where I might find more details about his activities, payments, and conduct or even what the Specials might have been doing in 10 yrs prior to WW1. Can anyone suggest what depots and training grounds they might have used in the early 1900s.
Thank you in anticipation
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