Henry Shelley 1782-1869/Corps of Engineers?

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Henry Shelley 1782-1869/Corps of Engineers?

Postby mikeholness » 19 May 2017 14:46

Henry Shelley Tower Keeper Eastbourne small.jpg
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Apologies, I posted this in my response to the welcome email, but guess it should really be here.

We are researching my multi-great grandfather Henry Shelley/Shilly, who rose to Second Corporal in the Royal Sappers & Miners, and became a Chelsea Out-Pensioner in 1816 at the end of the Napoleonic War. He aced it by living through to 1869 and achieving the grand old age of 87.

The relevant issue is that in 1851, then aged 69 he was Tower Keeper of the Eastborne fortification, a role presumably within the Corps of Engineers.

We have this photograph which we are reasonably certain is of him with a grandchild, at about that time - he in a uniform dress. We would value any advice/opinion about identifying the uniform and the badges - as a means of confirming the photo as being of him.

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