Samuel Blyth or Blythe Cheshire Regiment 1898-1908

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Samuel Blyth or Blythe Cheshire Regiment 1898-1908

Postby gdraper54 » 21 Nov 2017 10:41

I am researching Samuel Blyth(e) (born 14.9.1870 in Tottenham, Middlesex) who attested on 5.2.1891 with the Cheshire Regiment. He transferred to Army Reserve in India on 25th March 1898. His records show he was discharged on 6th Jan 1908 after attaining the rank of European Head Constable in the Madras Police. I can find no other record for Samuel after this date in England (including passenger records) and am wondering if there are any other websites with records of the Mounted Police in India and their connection to the British Army. It would be great to find a record of his death for my family tree. Even a photo of a European Head Constable would be helpful. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Samuel Blyth or Blythe Cheshire Regiment 1898-1908

Postby Maureene » 22 Nov 2017 07:39

I looked at what I assume is the relevant service record on findmypast, although the one I viewed had him discharged in 1902 (not 1908) and I could not see any mention of Mounted Police.

I think the likelihood is that he would have stayed on in India, as he probably had a more senior job there, than if he had returned to England.

You may be interested in the FIBIS Fibiki page Police, for general background information

For researching records in India, see the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Beginners' Guide

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Re: Samuel Blyth or Blythe Cheshire Regiment 1898-1908

Postby gdraper54 » 26 Nov 2017 12:32

Hi Maureen

thanks for your reply. I did have difficulty reading the discharge date as either 1902 0r 1908. However in 1903 his nephew (my great uncle George Blyth) was taken in by Barnardo's and my great grandmother Margaret Blyth (Samuel's sister) had reported that Samuel was in the mounted police in Madras, India and therefore could not help her in her plight (ie unable to help provide for George).
Sadly George was carted off to Canada aged 12 alone and I wanted to know if Samuel was around at that time. Obviously he must have still been in India and unable to assist his sister and nephew. Sad case.
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Re: Samuel Blyth or Blythe Cheshire Regiment 1898-1908

Postby BingandNelsonFan » 27 Jan 2018 00:12

I've been going through the India Office records trying to find any mention of your man. The only burial record that comes up with anything similar is a Samuel Blythe who was buried at St. Matthias' Madras (Kilpank Cemetery). It looks great, even the profession being a Retired Sergeant of Police, but the age is off.

Burial Record Transcription--
Died: 20 October 1934
Name: Samuel Blythe
Age: 86 years
Profession: Sergeant of Police (Retired)
Buried: 21 October 1934
Cause of Death: Senile Decay
Person by whom buried: John W. Salter Acting Incumbent of Christ Church

So far, nothing else coming up, which would make me wonder if he did die in India. If he was alive as late as the 20th century, it seems like his burial would be coming up.

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