Occupation of Wakkerstroom Pic!

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Occupation of Wakkerstroom Pic!

Postby Burgher » 02 Dec 2013 10:37

This rare photo below comes from a private family album and is marked "Occupation of Wakkerstroom, 13 June 1900". This however, looking at the uniforms and Martini rifles could not be! I would rather guess 1877-1880, before the siege of the British garrison from late 1880 to February 1881. Any ideas on the regiment depicted?

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Re: Occupation of Wakkerstroom Pic!

Postby roconn » 14 Dec 2013 00:14


It seems the troops are dressed in their No1 Uniforms and performing a "Feu de Joie" a ripple firing salute from each soldier firing in turn as the rear rank has yet to loose off their Martinis and also the front rank has not completed their bit of the ceremony.

The officer in front must have been a little smoky smelling and a trifle deafened by all the firing at the rear.

I do note the officer to the left has a spiked helmet -- but I'm no 'fundi' like 'Frogsmile' who can spot a button at 50 paces and be dead on in his estimate.

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Re: Occupation of Wakkerstroom Pic!

Postby Isandlwana » 29 Dec 2013 17:01

The senior n.c.o. on the left in front of the children, tells me that it is not a regular British Army unit. He is wearing an Austrian knot embellished cuff normally associated with volunteer forces. Like the Corporal and the end of the front rank, and two other n.c.o.'s in the middle of the front rank they are all wearing white cross belts, again not something you'd see in a regular unit.

Personally I would start looking for a local volunteer South African unit that might fit the bill.

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