British Units Photographed in Natal

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Re: British Units Photographed in Natal

Postby Burgher » 04 Apr 2013 13:53

Here it is in more detail:

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Re: British Units Photographed in Natal

Postby Frogsmile » 05 Apr 2013 16:01

Burgher wrote:Frogsmile, I got the following info on the Gordons water bottle from Osprey 198 "The British Army on Campaign (3) 1856-1881", p19:

"There is no evidence of the latter (the old blue painted round wooden canteen) being issued in India, where, from the Mutiny onwards, a soda-water bottle covered in cloth, leather or buckram was used, even after the Oliver Type's introduction."

Elsewhere in the book the "buckram-covered Indian water bottle" is shown carried by the 33rd in Abyssinia in 1868, the 59th in Afghanistan in 1879 and of course the Gordons at Majuba in 1881.

As illustrated in this book they seem to have been made of the round or "torpedo" bottomed type of soda bottle ( with a leather cup fitting over the bottle top. The 72nd regiment toy soldier and the drawing in Osprey's "Majuba" work on the other hand shows more of a flask shaped bottle.

Yes, that is the pattern that I was referring to. I imagined that it was either, procured locally, or came from Indian establishment stores. The fact that water bottles/canteens were camp equipment, as opposed to personal equipment, meant that their procurement, storage and issuing was handled differently to other items of equipment. It was not until 1908 that the bottle was integral to the equipment.
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