1880 Battle of Bronkhorstspruit

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1880 Battle of Bronkhorstspruit

Postby DavidB » 17 Mar 2009 21:27

Mark's earlier thread today has reminded me that somewhere (ha ha, where did I put it?) I have a list of the British casualties at Bronkhorstspruit.
I'll see if I can dig it out.

An article about it in the meantime.
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Re: Bronkhorstspruit

Postby Mark » 17 Mar 2009 23:21


A casualty list would be fantastic - a particulary invalueable resource for medal collectors like myself if the recipient also served in the Zulu War.

Mark :)
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Re: Bronkhorstspruit

Postby Isandlwana » 17 Mar 2009 23:56


There was a Casualty Roll for the 1st Anglo-Boer War produced by Ken Lovell back in the 1980's.

I drove through Bronkhorstspruit on the way up to the Kruger back in January. The guide we had stopped the vehicle, and I thought here we go a description of the action. No, she delivered a little chat about the Nan Tua Buddhist Temple there.

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Re: Bronkhorstspruit

Postby DavidB » 18 Mar 2009 15:49

I managed to find the casualty list I referred to.
I can't for the life of me remember now where I got it from, and I can't vouch for the accuracy
Nevertheless, may be of interest to some.

94th Regt unless stated otherwise
Killed or since died of wounds: (68)

Lt-Colonel Anstruther
Captain Nairne
Lieut MacSweeney
Lieut & Adjt Harrison
Band-Sgt Tovell
Paymaster Sgts Perceval, Webb
Sgts Sporter, Cummings, T.Maloney
Sgt Rawlings ASC
Cpl McGilton
L-Cpls F.Dennis, Philpots, C.Brown, Phillips, Rapier, Donaldson
Dmr Chamberlain
Ptes Thare, W.Alexander, T.Grimes, E.Sullivan, W.Brown, J.McHugh, Ward, Williams, Starkey, Rogers, Garney, McKie, McPhillips, McDonald, Maynard, McVeigh, S.Belsey, Mahoney, Tolan, Morris, Atkinson, Johnson, Dunning, Rowan, Gallagher, Travers, McHugh, Price, Bell, Martin, Baker, Robinson, Briggan, Lee, Hogan, O’Brien, Farley, Jenner, Whitson, Brown, Wallace, Finnegan, P.Crick, Gibson, J.Brown, T.Green, Wheaton, Kerr
Mr Bancroft – civilian wagon driver

Dangerously wounded: (13)
Deputy-Asst Commissary-General Carter, ASC
Lieut Hume
Sgt Boshell
Sgt Bennett ASC
Cpls Wardman, Starrett
Ptes H.Lane, H.Young, Hows, J.Carrol, S.Tevelin Gamble, D.Martin
Mrs Fox, wife of Sgt-Major Fox

Slightly wounded: (53)
Conductor Egerton ASC (volunteered to walk to Pretoria with Sgt Bradley to seek medical assistance. Had the 94th's colours wrapped round his body under his coat)
Sgt-Major Fox
QMS Earle
Arm-Sgt Develin
Drum-Maj Naughton
Paymaster Sgt McClelland
Sgt Cook Stacey
Sgts Babington, Briggs
Cpls Scott, Nichol
L-Cpls Fisher, Judd, Godfrey, Dickens
Dmrs Kitchen, Shea
Ptes Stringer, H.Weston, J.Power. Harrison, Brady, M.Murphy, J.Murphy, Carlin, Warren, Stephens, Toal, Towel, Simmons, Street, Williams, Young, Cunningham, Dickinson, Cochran, Tighe, Sweeney, Rowley, Gould, Heeney, McKee, Carter, Huffman, W.Smith, Duffey, Hickey, Nairey, Selby, Cull
Pte Downey, Hersey AHC
Jessie Fox, Daughter of Sgt-Major Fox

Prisoners (retained to look after the wounded): (12)
Surgeon Ward, AMD
Sgts Newton, Hooke, Bradley (Sgt Bradley allowed into Pretoria to seek medical aid)
L-Cpls Marwood, Taylor, Connor
Dmr Bland
Ptes Gorman, Cooper, Mansbridge, West
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