85th King's Light Infantry in Afghanistan 1879-80

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85th King's Light Infantry in Afghanistan 1879-80

Postby BereniceUK » 28 Jun 2014 20:55

In St Mary's Church, Shrewsbury.

In memory of
the undermentioned Noncommissioned Officers & Men
of the 85th King's Light Infantry,
who lost heir lives while on active service in Afghanistan
during the years 1879-80.
Erected by the Officers, Noncommissioned Officers & Men
of the Regiment.

Sergeant Instructor of Musketry T. Hinkley Died at Thal, 20.1.80
Lance Sergeant E. Bacon Died at Balesh Khel, 9.12.79
Corporal W. Rock Died at Thal, 4.4.80
Corporal J.H. Ball Died at Thal, 30.10.80
Bugler J. Hurlow Died at Thal, 16.3.80
Private R. Goode
Private W. Clive
Private H. Kempster Died at Kurram, 18.11.79
Private T. Kingston Died at Kurram, 3.12.79
Private C. Pullee Died at Balesh Khel, 5.1.80
Private(42/410) W. Smith Died at Thal, 8.1.80
Private J. Brady Died at Thal, 12.1.80
Private W. Myatt Died at Thal, 12.1.80
Private W. Slater Died at Thal, 17.1.80

Private A. Thompson Died at Chapri, 26.1.80
Private T. Best Died at Thal, 27.1.80
Private S. Goggins Died at Thal, 21.8.80
Private B. Honey Died at Thal 4.2.80
Private G. Simmons Died at Thal, 4.2.80
Private J. Fountain Died at Thal, 14.2.80
Private H.A. Richardson Died at Shalozan, 21.5.80
Private F. Allsworth Died at Peiwar Kotal, 3.7.80
Private E. Sutton Died at Peiwar Kotal, 10.7.80
Private (42/192) W. Smith Died at Shalozan, 20.7.80
Private (1640) Patrick Smith Died at Barah Iman, 14.9.80
Private J. Beeston Died at Thal, 19.9.80
Private B. Shayler
Private J. Surman Died at Thal, 6.12.80
Private J. May Died at Kohat, 26.12.80

The regimental history of the Afghanistan War has a further two names but not those of Goode and Clive. http://www.shropshireregimentalmuseum.c ... n-1878-81/
Private W. Combs Died at Jullundur, 26.11.80
Private J. Southern Died at Deolali, 1.2.81



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