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Commissariat/7th DGG

Postby DAQC » 10 Jul 2015 08:35

David Smith was born in Thurso in Scotland. He was the father of William Alexander Smith, the Founder of the Boys' Brigade.

The records of the 7th Dragoon Guards at the National Archive show his first appearance in the Pay Books for July to September 1848 in Brighton. His rank at that time is Sergeant and his Regimental Number is 998. He appears in books for the subsequent quarters until, in the book for April to June 1851 he is described as being 'Discharged by Purchase' at Dublin on the 6th May 1851. Although he was a Sergeant by 1848, the entry in the book for April/June 1851 describes his being a 'Clerk' as his 'Trade on Enlistment' the date of enlistment being the 19th JUly 1847.

He was subsequently awarded the South Africa Medal 1853. In the Medal Rolls he is described as 'Clerk, Commissariat'

The medal, which is held with other family medals, has the engraved inscription around the edge 'David Smith A.C.C.'

I can find no mention of him in the Commissariat records at the National Archive.

Where can I find any information about his time in the Wars, his service record prior to 1848, and anything else him at this time?

Please help!!!!!

Many thanks.

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