Info needed on Webley made Enfield

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Info needed on Webley made Enfield

Postby aidan finn » 26 Nov 2013 01:37

This is my first time using this forum, I am a new member living in Canada.
I own a J.P. Webley & Son " Enfield "? made in Birmingham, England.I have owned this rifle
for 50 years I am seeking information.
The rifle appears to be an 1853 Enfield with three rings conversion from a muzzle load to a breech load.
The great thing about this old rifle is that it has history... a note
is glued to the butt which states" The gun was used in the Ashanti war and was broken
during self defense" no signature.
I would like to know if anyone is able to identify the Regiment that used this rifle.
I have pictures..

aidan finn
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Re: Info needed on Webley made Enfield

Postby trooper » 26 Nov 2013 07:21

The weapon is obvously a Snider which was in use by the British Army between 1866 and 1874 when it was replaced by the Martini Henry. These dates would indicate that it was used in the Third Ashanti War which lasted from 1873-1874 and several regiments were involved including the Royal Marine Light Infantry, a Naval Brigade and troops from West Africa and Burma. So the chance of identifying the regiment is virtually impossible. However if you have rendered the spelling of the note exactly I would doubt it's authenticity as "defense" is peculiar to North America, whereas the British rendition would be "defence." Trooper
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Re: Info needed on Webley made Enfield

Postby GrantRCanada » 26 Nov 2013 07:33

Actually, "defence" is the formal spelling used in Canada also, "defense" being common in the United States.

Post clear pictures of the markings and perhaps some information can be given. Regimental markings would normally be on the tang of the buttplate, or possibly stamped into the wood on the side of the buttstock .....

However, I am doubtful that a Snider-Enfield produced by Webley would have seen British military service, since so far as I am aware any they produced would have been for commercial sale .... To clarify this we would need to see the markings on the lockplate, barrel, breechblock and "shoe" (the receiver into which the barrel is threaded and in which the breecblock pivots.)
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