En route to the Second Ashanti Expedition? Opinions please.

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En route to the Second Ashanti Expedition? Opinions please.

Postby Paul Nixon » 31 Oct 2016 13:40

I bought the photo below (it appears at the top of this particular blog post of mine) a short while ago. A handwritten note underneath the image reads "Shropshire Regiment [sic] aboard SS Malta":


Closer examination of the men in the photo reveals Northumberland Fusiliers, Rifle Brigade and King's Shropshire Light Infantry, amongst others (note unidentified bandsman seated second left). One of the seated men also holds a copy of Pearson's Weekly, but I just can't get a high enough resolution scan - at this point - to pick out the date.

Seeing that the three regiments above all supplied men for this brief adventure, I wonder whether any forum members would care to offer an opinion on whether this could be troops en route for the Ashanti Expedition? Was SS Malta, for instance, used to ferry troops for that campaign? Your views would be welcome.
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