Battlefields of the 1st and 2nd Afghan Wars

Section for posting period and modern photographs and maps of the Victorian battlefield.

Re: Battlefields of the 1st and 2nd Afghan Wars

Postby acanthus » 11 Jan 2010 22:00


I have some original photos of notabled localities, these photos are not specific to the battle fields however, they are contained in a photo album which belonged to a Colonel of the 75th Foot, and in a couple, show tent encampmemts in the background. Others show But Khat and the locality of Fort Ali Musjid (the fort in the background), another near Fort Jumrood, also Kabul and a typical Kabul street.

They are a worthwhile comtemporary visual reference of the country and localities as they were at the time and would need to be scanned if they were to be of any use.

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