Battlefield of Spion Kop (Boer War 1899 -1902)

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Battlefield of Spion Kop (Boer War 1899 -1902)

Postby SteveMc1958 » 30 Dec 2009 18:42

I finally got round again to adding some more of my photos that people may find of interest. As we are fast approaching the 110th Anniversary (23rd January), I thought these of Spion Kop might appropriate.

As I am sure readers will know, this was the scene a major defeat for the British forces attempting to break the siege of, Ladysmith. Having successfully captured the hill in a night attack, the attackers found themselves subject to highly accurate cross-fire from Boer artillery placed on the adjacent hills (some of which can be seen in the background of a couple of the photos). Unable effectively to entrench in rock-hard ground, and without realistic means of resupply, that captured Kop became a killing ground.

Many of those who died - and are still there, in the scrabbled shallow trenches that became their massed graves - were from the Lancashiers - the single-tier stand at Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club, was named "Spion Kop" in their honour.
British mass grave.jpg
The British mass grave - a shallow trench at the time of the battle.
British mass grave.jpg (20.05 KiB) Viewed 1786 times
Mass grave 2.jpg
The British Mass grave from the other direction note the surrounding hills in the background
Mass grave 2.jpg (29.63 KiB) Viewed 1786 times
Woodgate memorial.jpg
Memorial to Maj Gen Woodgate - note again the hill in the background from which Boer fire was directed
Woodgate memorial.jpg (32.04 KiB) Viewed 1786 times
Summit & monuments.jpg
Some of the memorials from just below the summit.
Summit & monuments.jpg (9.77 KiB) Viewed 1786 times
Spion Kop.jpg
Spion Kop - some of the many memorials can just be seen on the summit
Spion Kop.jpg (8.15 KiB) Viewed 1786 times
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Re: Battlefield of Spion Kop (Boer War 1899 -1902)

Postby Darrell » 06 Jan 2010 20:46

Great pictures. Please post more if you have any :D
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