Photo and URL management question.

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Photo and URL management question.

Postby Folkert van Wijk » 29 Oct 2013 11:58

During my West India Regiment research I find a lot of URLs with related text and also a lot of images.
I am now wondering what to do in order to manage the info, so I can easily find it myself and for sharing on this forum.

Up to now I put the URLs on this board:
Now I am at the point of collecting the images I found, for studying the uniforms, medals and badges...
For that there are different ways:
1) Download them al to my own computer and put them in the gallery here...
1b) then maybe put them on the above mentioned board...
2) Download them al to my own computer and upload to my facebook page
2b) then maybe put them on the above mentioned board with a link to the facebook URL...
3) only copy the (clean*)URLs from where the site where I found them and post these on the above mentioned board, with the risk of getting broken links after a while.
4) some other way?

* for a clean image URL, I drag the image to the URL line on top of the browser so only the image appears in the browser.
This way I also get the original (maximum) size and I get a clean URL without the website layout and text...

So what shall I do? :roll: :?:
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Re: Photo and URL management question.

Postby Mark » 03 Nov 2013 00:04

We have a gallery here on the VWF where you can upload a large number of images to and add captions etc. If this is something you wanted to do let me know and I can set it up with permissions for you to manage the album.

The only thing you need to consider is copyright. If the material is copyright free or the copyright owner agrees for you to upload them here then that's fine. If not the only thing you can do is place a link to the site where the images etc. can be found. Copyright issues of course also apply to Facebook should you go down a FB page route.

Alternatively you could set up your own web site - perhaps even a blog - to post your research findings. Once done you can post a link on this forum and elsewhere (Twitter etc.) to promote it. Again just remember copyright issues.

Hope that helps a little?

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Re: Photo and URL management question.

Postby Liz » 05 Nov 2013 13:18

You may wish to investigate Pinterest, which is a service that allows you to assemble a virtual scrapbook online. You can do this using the URL of images that are already online - you only need to upload images if they are not available elsewhere. Here is some more information on Pinterest:
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Re: Photo and URL management question.

Postby Maureene » 16 Nov 2013 08:06

I have recently found out that you can save some web pages in the Internet Archive, This link
says “Save Page Now. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future.” Not all URLs can be archived, but quite a few can.

I add information to a Wiki and there is always a problem with links that become broken, so I am hoping that by archiving links now will save problems down the track.

Once you have archived one page, and are still in, you can click on other pages and archive them also. Occasionally there are error messages, so within one website you can archive a number of pages, but there may be one or two you can’t.

You can also archive URLS which are pdfs, but I don’t know whether there is a size limit.

This is also applicable for those who have their own websites and wish to archive pages from them (or possibly the entire website)

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