Repro medal mounting

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Repro medal mounting

Postby BShajari » 13 Nov 2013 21:59


Looking for some advice on how to correctly mount some repro medals that I purchased recently. I was going to use some of my old US military single ribbon mounts, but the ribbon on the medals are too small to fit on one.

If anyone has any period references or best practices, please let me know.

Brian A. Shajari

Proud descendant of RADM Charles Colville Frankland, RN
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Re: Repro medal mounting

Postby QSVC » 11 Dec 2013 03:49

Hello Brian,

I've just started mounting my own medals after collecting them for a number of years. I've watched others, looked at mounted medals & methods and came to the conclusion it can be done rather easily. I'm now working my way through the collection..........How many medals are you wanting to mount? If only one, the Victorian era broach type fitting come up every now and then on Ebay and other sales sites and will solve your problem easily.

If you're wishing to mount two or more, the current offerings of bare medal bars are good and easy to work with. The US type I'm not familiar so you may need to shop further afield and maybe try Christies, etc....Be careful, the current offerings also include minature medal bars which unless you're mounting medal minatures are useless to you.

I've mounted reproduction Afghanistan War Medal and Kabul to Kandahar Star on a modern bar and swing mounting them for display and they look the goods.

There are some good Youtube tutorials on medal mounting if you've a spare evening or two.

Good luck,

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Re: Repro medal mounting

Postby Mark » 12 Dec 2013 00:21

Which Victorian medals are they? The method of mounting/wearing evolved/changed during the period.

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Re: Repro medal mounting

Postby colsjt65 » 12 Dec 2013 01:21

Which Victorian medals are they?

Thinking about that myself. During the period I'm most interested - 1840s-70, medals seemed to be pinned, individually, seemingly at random on the chest, not even just the left side.
So just when did they formalise how to mount medals?
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