Reproduction Guards Insignia 1846-Crimea

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Reproduction Guards Insignia 1846-Crimea

Postby 19thranker » 04 Sep 2017 18:11

Hi any of you know a supplier where I can get reproductions of the following:

Forage Cap plate for both Coldstream Guards and Scots Guards (other ranks)

Breast plate (on bayonet sling) for both Coldstream Guards and Scots Guards(other ranks)

Proper reproduction buttons for Coldstream or Scots? (Other ranks)

I think I have a solution for the forage cap, but does anyone reproduce the Pre - Crimea 1840's peaked forage cap, or even the diced band on the Scots guards cap.

Does anyone reproduce the Albert bonnet that Guards wore in Crimea?

Finally, I have a beautifully made cream colored wool shell jacket, but I need the white shoulder knots for other ranks that Guards regiments wore in the 1840's on them.

Any leads would be most appreciated, I putting together the Fatigue look for either a Coldstream Guards or Scots Guards c.1846-Crimea. I have quite a few of the elements, plus the hardest one...I just purchased a beautiful reproduction P-1838 Musket from TOTW. I have an event coming in November and would love to show off this impression.
Cheers and thanks, Mike
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Re: Reproduction Guards Insignia 1846-Crimea

Postby Frogsmile » 06 Sep 2017 18:49

This is the company whose reproductive efforts I rate the most highly, both for quality and accuracy:
I'm sure they will make whatever you ask.

There is also a list of recommended and reputable suppliers here, albeit that you will have to make your own enquiries: ... rk=fw#2133
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