Happy to join the regiment!

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Happy to join the regiment!

Postby Fred » 14 Aug 2009 15:23

Hello all! My name's Fred. My full name is Frederic William Gaarde III. You can call me Fred, Fritz, Freddy, derf or anything else, but please, I beg of you, don't call me late for dinner! My ancestors were part of the group of settlers who left England (Notingham) on a commission to settle in South Africa in 1820 or 21. Not sure which without going through the family records. My family's name was Tarr. They were The Tarrs of Rokewood. My great grandparents on that side were both medical personel during the Boer War. Their daughter, my grandmother was concieved in South Africa but born across the pond here in the states in Nevada, Missouri in 1901. As a child, I remember a poster on the upstairs hallway wall of her home, depicting Queen VIctoria and the Union Jack. Her allegiance to England was something that she deeply felt and was of her own choice. My relatives, who are the decendants of the first settlers, have since spread out around the globe to the former corners of the British Empire. Their numbers are in the thousands now. I've a fondness for all things British and especialy, for British military history. Being a former captain in the U.S. armored cavalry, I have an interest in British weaponry. I'm not an expert by any means but I do currently own two Model II Mk I* long Enfields that were both converted to Charger Loading Lee Enfields (CLLE) at Vickers in 1909 or 1908. I can't quite make out the last number cleary. I own a Sht MLE made in India in 1952 as well with a matching numbered magazine and a beautiful walnut stock. Of course, I have their proper bayonets as well! Having such fine rifles, I just had to get some ammunition and so I stockpiled two 780 round cases of Mk VII ammo as well as two wooden boxes of cloth belted Maxim Machine gun Mk VII (not MK VIII) ammo. 500 rounds total. I'm allways on the lookout for additional Victorian era military collectables. I'm certain that I'll be learning a great deal in the future from all of you fine folks here on this wonderful forum! Glad to be here! :D Fred
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Re: Happy to join the regiment!

Postby Jonathan » 14 Aug 2009 18:25

Hello, Fred, and welcome to the forum! :) I a sure you will enjoy your time here. There is much to learn, and I am sure you have much to share, as well.

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Re: Happy to join the regiment!

Postby Fred » 14 Aug 2009 18:34

Thankyou Jonathan, I'm looking forward to learning from and getting to know all of you!

Re: Happy to join the regiment!

Postby sharonlwhelan » 05 Oct 2009 19:24

Hi Fred

It seems we are related. The Tarrs of Rokewood were my Great great great great great grandparents. Their daughter Eliza married William Henry Purdon, also one of the settler families, and ultimately I have Bradfield Tarr Timm Purdon and Cockcroft in the blood. I am finding doing the research fascinating, and would love to get hold of a copy of the tarrs of Rokewood for my collection, any ideas where I could find one? No joy on Amazon or ebay. Also do you have any old family photos?? would love to share.
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Re: Happy to join the regiment!

Postby Fred » 07 Oct 2009 05:41

Hello cousin Sharon! How wonderful to hear from you! Yes, I have both of the books of the Tarrs here with me. One is The Tarrs of Rokewood and the other is The Tarr Family which is a detailed family tree of everyone that could be accounted for up to 1991 when the great Tarr gathering took place in South Africa. I couldn't attend at that time unfortunately, but many did and I understand it was a grand time for all!
Eliza was the third child and second daughter of Thomas and Ann Tarr who married Henry Purdon, Oldest child of John and Mary Purdon. They had 14 children. 10 sons and 4 daughters who married into the families of Bartlett, Austim, Tarr and Miles. It's rather a complex family tree and it's full of twists and turns. Isabella married an Austin, but there are no recorded children in the family tree from that union. If you have any information on that I'd like to hear it. Henry was born in 1851 and died in 1852. The other 12 children all have children and some have many Martha Ann married James Henry Tarr and it appears that they had 16 children! Wow. I've an email address of a cousin of ours from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) who contacted me several months ago trying to obtain the two books and while I had it, I gave him the address of our cousin Moira Tarr who lived in Estcourt, S.A. and who had the books printed up for sale to the families. Jonathan Stockil is our cousin's name. He found out that Moira has since passed on as well as her husband, but her daughter who's name I cannot recall, said that there were still a very few of the books left. Please contact me by email if you'd like. My email address is Whitedogsbuddy@hotmail.com
and another email is bshiplar1@aol.com I'll give you Jonothan's email address and his phone number when I get it again if you don't get it first from him. He can give you the address and phone number of Moira's daughter who has the books. I moved recently from Kansas City, Missouri when I got married on September 9th and I lost a lot of papers and records in the move as well as everyones contact information. I now live in Yutan, Nebraska with my charming wife, Gisele. Jonothan and his brother moved from Africa to VIrginia, in the U.S. and are now Yanks. Their father stayed in Africa though. Please email me won't you? This is fantastic hearing from you! I want to hear all about you and your family! Write back Sharon! Your cousin, Frederic William Gaarde III (Fred) And YES I do have family photo's from Africa and from here of my maternal Great grandparents who were both medical personel in South Africa during the Boer War and who movd to Nevada, Missouri.

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