Hi from new member, CarlL

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Hi from new member, CarlL

Postby CarlL » 21 Aug 2017 09:50

Hi, well it is many years ago since I bought Donald Featherstone's "All for a Shilling a Day" and other books on the Anglo-Sikh Wars, so I cannot explain why it has taken me 40 years to seek out a Colonial Forum to join? Perhaps other history and wargames interests, perhaps the whole over glorification of Imperial pasts? My interest is both in the history and the peoples of this history, not just the military exploits of Colonizer or Subjegated locals.
My current interest is in the Sudan and the links to what ifs or later post Victorian wars in Somalia, Arabia, Libya and the Rif mountains of Morocco, which all follow on from this Victorian colonial imperialism that became a European must do, as Belgians, Italians, Germans joined other longstanding colonizing powers like the Portuguese, Spanish, French and British in carving out African Empires. My interests are perhaps leaning to the resistance and the locals who sometimes tolerated these intruders and sometimes resisted by force. Whether through their local tribal leaders or aristocracy like in Ethiopia, or through local teachers or imans, as later happened in Libya and Somalia (post Victorian era) which may owe something to the Mahdi of the Sudan? Or just their independence of mind and spirit, like the Boers? Or the many Africans, some of whom have come into British history like the spirited "Fuzzy Wuzzy" of Corporal Jones recollection in Dads army! I have joined to learn as I am a beginner if long standing beginner in my knowledge of these histories, and to contribute where I can. Of course the big kid in me, six going pn 63, still likes to paint and model and a River Nile boat or two is a project in mind.
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Re: Hi from new member, CarlL

Postby Mark » 25 Aug 2017 14:36

Welcome to the forum, CarlL!

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Re: Hi from new member, CarlL

Postby 95th » 31 Aug 2017 13:05

Hello CarlL and welcome to the forum!
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