Reunited medals with plaque and written letter

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Reunited medals with plaque and written letter

Postby SHROPSHIRE » 10 Feb 2017 16:38

I have just reunited a WW1 Plaque with a QSA-1915 Trio to a Shropshire soldier with an interesting letter
Alfred Powell SR/7537 6th King's Shropshire L.I., died 19 November 1918 France

I bought his QSA & 1915 Trio at auction in 2010, with no information at all, and not really 100% sure if the QSA was his, but after a week or two pondering over some documents and service papers I was happy that the QSA Medal was his, the connection came with a marriage certificate and next of kin details on the C.W.W.G., site.

Alfred was an old soldier before the Great War Serving in the Hereford Rifle Volunteers, he joined the Shropshire L.I., being a member of the 1st Volunteer service company,(7336), which he was awarded the Queens medal with 3 clasps, after the the South African War he settled down in Hereford, and married Emily Mary Whiting on the 23 August 1902, when the Great War started Alfred being a Special Reserve rejoined the Shropshire's, landing in France with the 6th Battalion on the 24 July 1915, after almost four years in the firing line, and the end of the War in site, Alfred contracted influenza and died at a Military hospital on the 19 November 1918, aged 44, he rests with several other members of his Regiment at Solemes British cemetery France

I was fortunate that along with Alfred's Plaque came a letter written by his Sgt, to his Wife, explaining everything that happened, also a nice cap badge with a pin at the back probably a sweet heart broach, finding a plaque was a great find in it's self, but to have a hand written letter makes it more special.

It does go to show you must never give up on reuniting broken groups or lost plaques.
interestingly the medals were bought at Leominster, and the plaque and letter turned up in an house clearance in Kent

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Re: Reunited medals with plaque and written letter

Postby Puttenham » 10 Feb 2017 18:10

Well done ! Nice group.

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