Useful Links Section - Please Read

Links to other web sites of interest, militaria dealers and related forums.

Useful Links Section - Please Read

Postby Mark » 05 May 2008 12:19

If you know of any 'related' websites or other forums etc. on the internet that you feel would be of interest to members please feel free to post a link within this section.

When posting remember to add the following information in your post:

1) Title of the site
2) Short description of what the site is about to assist members (this might just be a few words or the description provided by the site owner - BUT please check with the owner first before copying and pasting any of their words!)
3) The web link itself

If you have found a web site of interest or use to you that was provided by another member please feel free to leave some feedback by replying to the post. If a website or forum is particulary good then let us all know! However please be careful if leaving any negative feedback as we don't want to get ourselves into trouble - any criticism should be constructive!

Special Note for Militaria Dealers and Other Commercial Users
If you are the owner of a commercial site - i.e. a militaria dealer - you are permitted to post a link within this section. Please remember that the forum is a non-profit site aimed at individuals interested in the academic study of the British wars and campaigns of the Victorian period. That said we realise many members are also collectors and/or re-enactors and thus may wish to acquire items appropriate to their past-times. With this in mind dealers may directly post in this sub-forum themselves but you are asked to avoid any over-the-top sales hype adhering to the guidance listed above with the addition of the following point below:

4) No links to individual items for sale or special promotions are permitted! Please only link to the homepage of the web site.

The Victorian Wars Forum accepts NO responsibility for the content or activities associated with any of the sites or organisations linked to! We remain both independent and neutral in all matters. Any breach of these guidelines will result in the removal of the offending thread or post by forum staff


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