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Google Books

Postby Jonathan » 01 May 2008 18:45

With the fairly recent purchase of two ID’d swords, and not owning a tremendous number of printed research materials nor living in the UK, I found myself relying on assistance from friends and the internet. I found two very helpful internet resources/strategies for researching British officers, both via Google Books.

Google has many free digitized editions of Hart’s Annual Army List ranging from 1840-1898. This publication is invaluable in researching individual officers.

Another strategy I found useful was to enter an officer’s name into a Google Books search. This also turned-up very useful results—results which led to free downloads or other book leads to be followed-up with a trip to the library.

I imagine that Google Books would be useful for finding non-biographical information that pertains to the Victorian Military, also. One example being the Dictionary of National Biography.

I hope these links are useful!

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