British Army Ancestors

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British Army Ancestors

Postby Paul Nixon » 03 Oct 2017 15:01

Forum members may be interested in a new website I have recently launched:

The aim of the site is, I hope, clear. That is, to establish over time, a photographic archive of our British Army ancestors. I didn't undertake this task lightly, and it is quite some task, but the foundations are there to quickly search for a soldier and either find a photo of him (or her) or upload your own photo. The scope of this project covers the years 1850 to 1920 and there are currently just short of 11.5m records that can be searched. By my reckoning, in terms of searchable, indexed British military records, that puts me in third place behind Ancestry and Findmypast. I will continue to add records as these become available to me.

Indexes on the site currently come from Findmypast and The National Archives but more data will be added in due course and I am particularly keen to add data from WO 100 which would fill gaps for those men for whom no service record survives but who did earn campaign medals.

There are duplicate records on the site but I felt it was better to have duplicates than apply wide de-duping criteria which could see some men's records inadvertently suppressed. Neither is the site intended to show everything that survives for an individual. There is no need to link to WW1 medal rolls, for instance, because the medal index card indexes are already there.

So the site works as a vehicle for searching for photos and for uploading photos. Its success or failure will be determined by the number of people who use it. On another level it also works as a quick and efficient way to simply search millions of records and, if the person decides, to take this further by accessing additional information such as a medal index card or service record from the National Archives or Findmypast (subject to their charges of course).

The site is free to use and will continue to be free to use. I have funded the site development and monthly hosting charges. My aim is simply REMEMBRANCE, nothing more; no hidden agenda. I encourage you to vist the site and, if you like it, to jump on board.

Paul Nixon
Paul Nixon
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Re: British Army Ancestors

Postby 95th » 03 Oct 2017 15:17

Great stuff!
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