The Victorian Military Society

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The Victorian Military Society

Postby Mark » 16 Jan 2009 00:21

Hi all

I am sure many of you have heard of the Victorian Military Society and are members. However I also expect some of you new to this period of history may not be aware of this splendid society and what they offer. If not please find some details below provided by the VMS - I hope you find it of interest.


The Victorian Military Society (VMS)

Who we are
The Victorian Military Society promotes the study of military history – of all nations and races – in the period 1837 to 1914. Its journal “Soldiers of the Queen” publishes work by both professional and amateur historians as well as articles by academic researchers.

The Victorian Military Society was founded in 1974 by the late John Crouch FRIBA, who was an architect employed by the Ministry of Defence in Great Britain. His work involved him visiting a number of Victorian buildings and military works and he became interested in their history and the events that had given rise to buildings of such considerable size and complexity.

As the result of a letter to the press asking if there were any other people who might share his interest in the military history of the Victorian period (at the time a deeply unfashionable one), the Victorian Military Society was formed. The late Stanley Baker, the actor and producer of the film “Zulu” became the Society’s first vice-president.

Other notable members include the military historians Ian Knight (one of the Society’s founder members) and Michael Barthorp author of books on the North West Frontier, the Boer War and the Sudan campaigns.

What we do
The Society has always strived to publish original research and articles on the period in its journal “Soldiers of the Queen" and it became an educational charity in 2007.

Over the years as well as publishing many articles on a wide number of subjects, the journal has also reflected some of the major anniversaries of the time, producing special editions of “Soldiers of the Queen” to commemorate the Boer War, the Sudan Campaigns, the 150th anniversary of the “Indian Mutiny” and the 100th Anniversary of the TA. An edition was also dedicated to the Royal Navy in the Victorian period.

Visit the Victorian Military Society at
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