The continental wars society

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The continental wars society

Postby petergoose » 10 Aug 2015 10:48

While the continental wars society is concerned with warfare on the European continent between 1815 to 1914 or to put it another way waterloo to mons it still has a lot to offer the Victorian army buff. The society newsletter comes out four times a year and although short has many interesting articles to read. If you have a interest in the franco-prussian war the Schleswig wars or something more obscure such as the swiss civil war you will be pleased you joined.
Of course articles abut British military involvement in the continent such as the carlist wars crops up from time to time. In fact the most recent issue of the foreign correspondent has a short article(by me wooo!)on the french expedition to Greece in 1828 during which British navel personnel formed a naval detatchment and helped in the siege of Morea working their ships guns in a land battery.

Any way the foreign correspondent comes out four times a year and membership is under a tenner and you can pay by PayPal. There is not a website but membership is easy and quick.

If you are interested in membership write to the address below or use the email address.
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