Naval pike question.

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Naval pike question.

Postby Darrow » 10 Jun 2014 21:25

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any instances when 1888 pattern Naval boarding pikes were cut-down to 25 1/2" and used as sidearm/melee weapons?

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Re: Naval pike question.

Postby A.Roads » 17 Jun 2014 22:37

Hi Regs, I have never heard of pikes being cut down for such reasons & cannot really imagine a situation where this would occur as a premeditated modification; it was not like the constant actions of WW1 trench warfare where such crude hand to hand weapons were improvised from necessity. The sailors of course had arms of lesser reach such as axes & cutlasses, whereas their pike was the only pole arm available. That said, I do have a pattern 1888 Navy Pike & the shaft has been cut (and rejoined) but this was so that the previous owner could get it posted from the UK to Australia. This obviously depreciates its value greatly. I have always thought it odd that a new pattern was necessary in 1888 when Martini Henry rifles had been available for over a decade & am surprised pikes were not by then entirely obsolete. I also have a Govt issue lance, bamboo shaft pattern, incredibly, to me at least, it was made in 1915, obviously the British Army loathed change & liked to stick to its traditions, but arming a cavalryman with a large toothpick when he could be shot from the saddle at half a mile by his enemy seems to be taking it a bit far.....
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Re: Naval pike question.

Postby tabony » 23 Jun 2014 14:38

Just as a matter of interest, we were using lances made in the 70s in the Household Cavalry.

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