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I have posted some enquries on another thread regarding uniforms the campaign in Egytpt and now it is Navy's turn for my daft line of questions. (apologies in advance)

Was it the Royal Navy that transported the British Expeditionary force across to Egypt in 1882 or were they just transport ships?
Was the navy still operating around Egypt after the inital bombardment of Alexandria in 1882?
Was the navy generally using steamers by the 1880s?
Was there anyway the navy could have escorted troops down the suez canal during the campaign? Only reason I ask this is I was wondering whether the option was ever there for Wolseley to attack Urabi's force from both sides and transport down the canal could well have done this.

I apologise for the questions but any feedback will be appreciated.

Many thanks :x
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Re: 1882

Postby Sheffsteve » 12 Nov 2013 15:51

A relative of mine was transported from Egypt back to England in 1886 onboard HMS Himalaya which was previously a merchant ship but bought by the Royal Navy in 1854. Also, I have records of a soldier transported to and from India contemporaneously on Royal Navy vessels; HMS Serapis and HMS Crocodile.
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