RMLI abbreviations EA or GSAn MRA on Certificates/Training?

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RMLI abbreviations EA or GSAn MRA on Certificates/Training?

Postby stuwismulGen » 06 Sep 2015 06:28

Greetings all
I'm trying unsuccessfully to interpret some handwriting in a RMLI service record and wondered if anyone could offer some suggestions/ enlightenment as to what the abbreviations might actually mean. The notation is on the right side of the record page but the section seems to have been hand drawn and does not have a title. I thought they might relate to certificates or competencies as they seem to parallel the timeframes of some of the training /drills

As a starting point I that thought they might be.....
Granted 1 Apr 04 (April 1904) E A...................... is this a gunnery certificate??????
granted 23 Sept 05 (1905) G S An M R A .............but even if I have it right I have no idea what it might mean

I have checked out http://www.rm-badges.com/documents which is where I got the idea of a gunnery certificate but nothing firm.
Many thanks
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