HMS New Zealand

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HMS New Zealand

Postby rclpillinger » 24 Jul 2015 17:19

An interesting photo that my Grandfather took whilst travelling on HMS New Zealand. I suspect it was on his return to India in 1911 following his compassionate leave to England when his first wife died.

He clearly felt he should not have taken the picture, but was very impressed by the armament.

Having reached a bit of a brick wall in my research of Grandfather's army career, this naval picture certainly makes a change from talking about The Tenth!

New Zealand 2.jpg
New Zealand 2.jpg (112.97 KiB) Viewed 295 times
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Re: HMS New Zealand

Postby crimea1854 » 24 Jul 2015 19:59

She was one of the King Edward VII class battleship, built in 1904, renamed HMS Zealandia in Dec 1911 to free up the name for the new battlecruiser.

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Re: HMS New Zealand

Postby Mark A. Reid » 24 Jul 2015 20:31

Thanks so much for sharing this photo, Richard, and to Martin also for providing his usual erudite historical insight.

Its main appeal, for me, is in its completely candid character, so unlike those often found in The Naval & Military Illustrated, etc. What appears to be a working party on the right, clearly unsupervised, appear to have taken cover behind the turret, where they can yarn away the time until " Stand Easy " is sounded. One man has had the audacity to turn his cap around ( note the cap tally facing astern ) but a weather eye is being kept for the sudden appearance of a leading hand, petty officer or, Gawd Forbid, The Bos'un while a cautious pull is taken on a hidden pipe or cigarette. Once this coterie of idle hands has been spotted, however, then Authority will render righteous judgement and, without a good excuse, some off them will soon be " Facing the Paintwork " or labouring in their off-duty hours.

Oh, and nice gun too!


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