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HMS Excellent

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After 6 years at sea on HM Ships Immortalite, Seringapatam and Druid between 1870 and 1876, Charles Lawrence joined the gunnery training ship HMS Excellent at Portsmouth on 15 Dec 1876. 3 different hulls carried this name before the opening of the shore establishment and gunnery school at Whale Island in 1891. He remained at HMS Excellent until 17 Apr 1879, and became Seaman Gunner 1st class on 1st August 1877 according to his service records, whilst remaining at the rate of Able Seaman.
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As well as training personnel in the art of naval gunnery, training in small arms, bayonet and cutlass, military tactics and artillery support with field guns for Naval Brigades ashore was also undertaken, continuation training of course would have continued on board ships when drafted back to sea.
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The defensive square only works if the opposition has no artillery. Trenches are even better.
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