Regulations for Army Ordnance Services

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Regulations for Army Ordnance Services

Postby Peter » 20 Aug 2016 08:28

i)a) Do any members hold copies of Regulations for Army Ordnance Services:





)1912 Part 1, reprinted with amendments published in Army Orders up to

) 1st October, 1914

i)b) I’m specifically interested in references to:

Corps of Armourers / Armourer Sergeants/ Armourer Section

Corps of Ordnance Artificers / Armament Artificers / Artificers / Machinery Artificer Section

ii) There were also Regulations for 1904.

ii)a) Were there any Regulations for 1896 and / or 1897?

ii)b) Were there any Regulations between 1912 / 1914 and 1918?

ii)c) Were there any Regulations for any other years?

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