RHA salaries and pensions

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RHA salaries and pensions

Postby susancammas » 20 May 2016 10:03

Good morning

I have been through previous posts on pensions but not found anything to help so I am starting a new thread in the hope that some kind forum member might see it and be able to help!

One of my great grandfathers left the RHA on 17th July 1888 after completing 21 years service.
He remained a Gunner throughout his career.
I know (TNA files) that he received a pension of 13 pence. He would not have been an in-pensioner as he subsequently lived with his wife and family.
How frequently would he have received his 13 (old!) pence?
Incidentally, what was a Gunner's salary in 1888?

I suppose it would be utopic to imagine that his pension would have continued to be paid to his widow after his death in 1906?
She lived for a further 31 years!!

Another RHA great grandfather enlisted in 1868.
On 28th December 1888 he signed on for "service beyond 21 years". What exactly does this mean? Is it an open ended contract because no precise length of service beyond 21 years is mentioned.

Would he have been entitled to a pension (after 21 years' service) as well as his salary for continuing service?

He died on 23rd January 1892 (aged 42!) while still a Gunner in Royal Artillery in Redoubt, Maker (Cornwall) after 24 years in RHA many of which were in India.

I know times were hard - but were provisions made for army widows? His wife died in 1932, 40 years later.

Does anyone know where I could find answers to my questions (another forum perhaps?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for any ideas on this.

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Re: RHA salaries and pensions

Postby Maureene » 21 May 2016 07:10

See also my recent reply on another of your posts.

Article: "‘Delicate duties’: issues of class and respectability in government policy towards the wives and widows of British soldiers in the era of the great war" by Janis Lomas, Women's History Review, 9:1, 2000 pages 123-147
http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1 ... 0000200233

For rank and file soldiers, “on the strength” widow pensions applied from 1901, and "off the strength” widows pensions applied from the beginning of the First World War.

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Re: RHA salaries and pensions

Postby susancammas » 07 Jun 2016 07:56

Many thanks Maureen - my apologies for the late reply.
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