Gunga Din and Banty Tim......

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Gunga Din and Banty Tim......

Postby QSAMIKE » 18 Aug 2014 01:44

Good Evening Everyone......

I just read an article that I wish I could post here but would most likely get into copyright trouble......

But the basics of the article is that Kipling copied his form of writing from an American writer and copied the poem Gunga Din from a poem called Banty Tim, the story is basically the same but the location is different.....

Has anyone heard of this comparison in the past as it is news to me ??????

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Re: Gunga Din and Banty Tim......

Postby SWB » 18 Aug 2014 06:27

Hello Mike

News to me, but here's a link to an article in the Kipling Journal about this for others to read:

http://www.johnradcliffe.pwp.blueyonder ... /KJ312.txt

Everyone has their "inspirations"!

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Re: Gunga Din and Banty Tim......

Postby docL » 10 Sep 2014 11:58

"Banty Tim" was a poem by a Poet named John Hay, I believe. It can be seen at:

Very similar to the concept of Gunga Din, but certainly not identical.
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