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Members Main Interests

Postby Mark » 12 Aug 2007 14:21

I thought it might be nice to start a thread so members can post their main interests regarding the Victorian period.

Although I enjoy all aspects of this era I am particulary interested in the campaigns in which the South Staffordshire Regiment and the 38th and 80th Regiments of Foot took part in.

These principly include the Sikh Wars, the Crimean War, the Indian Mutiny, the Zulu War, Egypt 1882 and 1884/5 and the Boer War.

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Postby villaphan » 12 Aug 2007 18:56

My main interests are the campaigns of both North Staffs,64th-98th Foot and South Staffs, 38th-80th Foot

I am also interested in uniforms and especialy helmet plates

Mark :)

Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Jonathan » 21 Nov 2007 02:33

My interests are rather broad in that they don't center on a particular conflict or regiment--although maybe someday my interests will be refined to a more specific cross section of the period. I am interested in Victorian era military swords, and officer's swords in particular. A good number of officer's swords, especially those by Wilkinsons, offer the opportunity to research the original owner. In enjoy uncovering the the sometimes forgotten individual histories of the swords and the officers who first owned them. Swords carried by other ranks can often bear regimental marks, and one can speculate about where the swords saw service, but with officer's swords one can gain a bit more certainty.

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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Garen » 22 Nov 2007 22:23

As is probably more than apparent from my other posts, my interest lies with the Second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878-80. Within the scope of this I have many areas of particular interest, but do have a fascination with the Khyber operations, and also with Roberts' force, particularly the 72nd Highlanders as I had two ggg-uncles who served in the regiment in Afghanistan.
The Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-80
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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby DavidB » 01 May 2008 21:22

Like Jonathan, my interests are rather broad.

But if I have to pick out one, it's Ashantee 1873-74, (and to a lesser extent Ashanti 1895-96 as well).
I suppose the fascination with the 73-74 campaign was sparked when I bought a couple of Ashantee medals at auction and was frustrated by the dearth of readily available information.
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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Berkshire Dragon » 12 Jul 2008 18:17

Hi All,

My interest within this historical context are fairly broad as I am looking into the army careers of family members who served in either the HEIC forces or the British Army in India and other overseas areas. Therefore this covers everything from about 1840 through to 1902 and this is why I am a member of this great forum!


PS. I also have a few medals from within the period that need a bit of reasearching so I can find out a bit more about the 'man behind the medal' and put him into context with his regiment and where he fought.
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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby maiwander » 13 Jul 2008 10:11

Hello One and All

I suppose I am just confirming what many already know. My main interest is The Second Afghan War of 1878-80 with a particular intensive interest and knowledge on the battle of Maiwand. I am an anorak I suppose :lol: as I am known for compling lists of names, medals, biographical details and anything Afghan 1878-80. Tons of "useless" information that at times becomes very useful and answers some questions. At present compiling lists, with biographical details, on all Surgeons and Veterinary Officers of the time. So, as the song goes, "..if I can help anybody..." :roll:

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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Theo » 19 Dec 2008 18:43

The Crimean War Society is alive and well. It's magazine is an excellent read.

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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby hodekin » 19 Dec 2008 19:35

Well, I have to say that for me it's the Zulu war, having said that however, any British soldiering of the Victorian era is of interest, mainly because it's what our great Granddaddies did! :)

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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby swordcollector1 » 12 Jan 2009 20:20

Despite my user name (which was chosen just to keep it consistent with my ID on several other forums, as well as eBay!), I'm not so much a sword nut as a history nut. It just so happens that swords have always appealed to me as being one of the most direct links you can probably find to a man and an incident (not to disparage medal collecting, but these acts of public acclaim are by definition awarded after the event, whereas the sword was probably "there"). I also love old military photographs, although my principal interest in this area - large WW1 group photos - lies outside the scope of this forum. However, now that I have a decent scanner I hope to be able to share some of the more relevant photos in my collection with the rest of you, since these are another very personal link to the men whose lives, experiences and careers interest us so much.

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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Eric CL » 07 Feb 2009 15:47

Like many of you, my interest is rather general, but I might say that the study of the Royal Marines stands a little above the rest.
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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby 10thHussar » 09 Feb 2009 23:50

Well for me it is a general interest but primarily its really British light cavalry , and in particular Hussars (namely the 10th) through out this period and beyond.

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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Hussars » 10 Feb 2009 21:42

14th Hussars
20th Hussars
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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby vivace49 » 11 Feb 2009 22:22

My interest is the minutiae of the Victorian soldier's life. History comes alive when I can visualise the day to day life of the rank and file.

My relatives were in the Grenadier Guards and the Royal Leicestershire Regiments so it is their history that I am tracking.
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Re: Members Main Interests

Postby Sabreur » 12 Feb 2009 03:35

My general interests involve the 1885 North-West Rebellion and irregular cavalry in general. So I am especially interested in the mounted scout units of the 1885 North-West Field force. This has led me to an interest in the equivalent colonial irregular mounted units of the 1879 Zulu War, especially the Frontier Light Horse.

A regular unit I have interest in is the 13th Hussars because of their Canadian links.
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