War Office Lists

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War Office Lists

Postby fv1620 » 22 Aug 2015 10:14

Can anyone help with scans of the first three pages of any War Office Lists (not Army Lists) please?

I am after the pages that list the WO Sections so I can see how they developed over the years. I have Cardwell’s book on the WO & the later one by Hampden Gordon but they are a bit thin on some detail.

WO Lists seem to be published annually so working back from later ones I have it looks like the first edition would have been 1853 although that seems rather early.
Clive Elliott

Wanted British Army publications of any period eg AC, ACI, AESP, AO, COSA, CR, DCI, EMEC, EMEI, EMER, EMPL, EMPS, ER, JSP, LoC, LTI, MAOS, MRA, RAOS, REA, VAOS, WMTI, etc, Army & WO Coded publications in paper or fiche.
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