price of pistol rounds in 1880

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price of pistol rounds in 1880

Postby vodkafan » 04 Jul 2015 19:37

Hi guys, I haven't been here for a while...I have an odd question. I need to find out the rough unit price of pistol ammunition in @1880...specifically .442 Webley bought in England, but any information on comparable rounds might be useful.
In know this is a long shot (oops no pun intended). Thanks in advance
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Re: price of pistol rounds in 1880

Postby GrantRCanada » 08 Jul 2015 06:24

I haven't yet found anything in my library which gives prices in the UK, but I do have two period American catalogues (reprints) which might give some idea ....

An 1878 Winchester catalogue lists both ".44 Webley" ("Powder 18 grs., Lead 220 grs.") and ".45 Webley" ("Powder 20 grs., Lead 230 grs.") at $18.00 per 1000 ....

An 1885 Hartley & Graham (New York outfitters) catalogue lists cartridges manufactured by The Union Metallic Cartridge Co., with "44 Webley" (19 gr. powder and 200 gr. bullet) at $16.50 per thousand rounds, and ".45 Webley" (20 gr. powder, 230 gr. bullet) at $20.00 per thousand rounds.

You will wish to confirm the exchange rate during that time-frame, but if memory serves it was at about US$5.00 to the Pound Sterling around then ....

Both catalogues indicate that a case of cartridges contained 2,000 rounds.

This scan is from the Winchester catalogue -

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