Spotting and Signalling Telescopes

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Spotting and Signalling Telescopes

Postby cbrown » 17 Jan 2015 00:29

I have a 4-draw brass telescope made by A.G Parker & Co. Ltd.

The telescope is engraved with:

"The 'Stickledown'
A.G. Parker & Co. Ltd.
Rifle Experts

Although it has no mounts for a tripod, it came with a wooden tripod with a clamp attachment.

It's not a military issue telescope, but I would hazard a guess it's Victorian era since the Parker company was established in the 1880s and the company name wasn't changed until circa 1910. Any telescope experts out there able to give a rough date on this telescope or any info on what this may have been used for?


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Re: Spotting and Signalling Telescopes

Postby timothylrose » 17 Jan 2015 15:34

It's a target rifle spotting scope made for the civilian market - the "Stickledown" reference on it is the name of one of the Bisley ranges which would date it after then and pre Parker's change of company name - atb Tim
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