Look what Santa Claus gave me for Christmas!!!!!!

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Look what Santa Claus gave me for Christmas!!!!!!

Postby ED, in Los Angeles » 29 Dec 2017 05:49

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I have been looking for a really great, toned, unpolished, no rub striations on the fields, Canadian General service Medal '66-'70 for more than six years. Finally got one. I cannot wait to receive it! The dealer web site that I bought it from had an enlargement feature that blew this image up to the size of small dinner plate. This is a clean, no problem silver medal.

The Canadian general Service medal, 1866-70 was first awarded to Finian Raid participants in 1899.......Thrty-three years AFTER the campaign of 1866!!! The participants of Finians mercenary army invasion from the United States, and the Rial uprising, were never awarded a medal during the 1860's.

Due to the age of the campaign 1866, to the award start date, 1899, this was basically a medal that had to be claimed as the whereabouts of most of the aging veterans was unknown. The military participants 1899 medal claim was extended to 1906, and then further to 1907, then 1928. The recipient had to be alive to make the claim. No posthumous awards were given of this medal. This medal had several clasps and was never awarded without a clasp.

Private J. Graham, 18th Battalion, (Prescott Infantry as it was known in 1866). This 1913 claimed award by Mr. Graham, uses the 1913 moniker for the Prescott Infantry. Prescott Infantry is not on the rim.

Note the crispness of the maple leafs and the nice unworn folds on Her Majesty's clothing, and the sharp, delicate, swept back hair-line. No rim dings..... a must for my tastes. If it was dropped, I won't buy it. Well, most of the time anyway. This is a nice example, with fantastic toning. This will be shipped to me in a plastic holder, and it will be held in my hand with archival cotton gloves. A finger print would be disastrous for such a un-polished, as-found patina. Finding this medal in this condition is like harpooning Moby Dick! Call me Ishmael!

Happy New Year, ED
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Re: Look what Santa Claus gave me for Christmas!!!!!!

Postby Waggoner » 29 Dec 2017 14:05


A very nice medal! Congratulations on finding it.

All the best,

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Re: Look what Santa Claus gave me for Christmas!!!!!!

Postby QSAMIKE » 29 Dec 2017 23:54

Nice very very Nice Ed......

Here is what I got......
A Picture of Grandson No. 3 and Me......

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