Royal Army Clothing Factory circa 1900

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Royal Army Clothing Factory circa 1900

Postby gregory128 » 01 Oct 2016 13:16

Greetings people, I think you might like this. So I have recently tried to upload my book for clothing patterns onto Amazon and other book sellers. However my PDF copy won't seem to upload. As im not exactly a wiz kid for computers, my alternative is to sell it via online forums and social networks. If you pay via paypal or bank transaction, I will email the copy to you.


1900 Royal Army Clothing Factory Book. Provides measurements, diagrams and patterns regarding military uniforms circa 1900. Also includes civilian clothing patterns such a dresses, and morning coats. Included in the diagram package are (but not limited to); frocks, tunics, trousers, coats, mutton sleeves, dress coats, etc. The book spans roughly 51 pages. Personally I would provide it free of charge, however to buy it was expensive and as a student I need a bit of money to keep me going. Hope you don't find the price unreasonable. :)

It is a bit late for the Zulu wars, but I do not know of any books which originate from an earlier date.

Asking for £10 for a copy.


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