Passages of the Crimean war,Private Barnham

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Passages of the Crimean war,Private Barnham

Postby petergoose » 17 Dec 2015 14:11

Accounts from private soldiers of the Crimean war are rare,full accounts even rarer. Private Richard Barnham served with the 38th Regiment(south Staffordshire) from start to finish. His unique account begins in Britain and goes all the way through,from the Alma to the fall of Sebastopol. An intelligent man,Barnham never really doubts his country's cause, he has his orders and that seems to be enough for him just as it was for so many of the going men who fell in the Crimea.
Along the way Private Barnham describes the shock of seeing most of his regiment(which he clearly thinks of as his home) fall to shot,shell and disease. He tells how he and his comrades filled out their rations and tried their best to make themselves comfortable in bad,terrible conditions. Private Barnhams descriptions of the battles themselves are fairly short but vivid,especially his accounts of trench life. Later Barnham served in the mutiny. He died aged 87 in 1919.
This is fairly short,about 100 pages but fairly priced. It is available from amazon for about 7 pounds inc postage.
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