Royal Engineers Histories

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Royal Engineers Histories

Postby Maureene » 14 Dec 2015 01:52

History of the Corps of Royal Engineers has been published in twelve volumes.

There are four volumes relevant to this Forum, the first two of which are available online.
Volume I by Maj-Gen Whitworth Porter published 1889
Military History to 1860. (Note: catalogued as Volume III, but is Volume I)

Volume II by Maj-Gen Whitworth Porter Published 1889 . Military History 1867- 1885, together with Part II Organization, Part III Departmental and Civil Work.

Volume III: Covers the Sudan Campaigns and Boer War 1899-1902, by Colonel Sir Charles Watson, published 1915.
Volume IV: 1885-1914 by Brigadier-General W. Baker Brown. published 1952. Covers matters not covered by Volume III.

The Hathi Trust Digital Library had Volumes III and IV, which however do not appear to be accessible to anyone. I would have thought Volume III, being published in 1915, would be out of copyright if you lived in North America, so if this is relevant to you, perhaps you could clarify this with Hathi Trust.

Current copies may be purchased from the Institution of Royal Engineers. ... istory.php

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