Victorias scottish lion

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Victorias scottish lion

Postby petergoose » 16 Oct 2015 13:59

This is a new biography of the celebrated sir Colin Campbell. I got this just two days ago and finished it LAST night. It really is that good. The author Adrian Greenwood has amassed a huge amount of information. The book(a hardback)is 465 pages long NOT included in that count are the appendices and list of sources. All the chapters are well footnoted with additional information. The book puts to rest some misconceptions about Sir Campbell such as the claim he was the son of a Carpenter. He was not,instead he was the son of a cabanitmaker and as the author points out in Georgian Glasgow that meant a substantial financial difference.
There are 38 mostly color images in the centre,numerous black and white images throughout and best of all almost thirty maps throughout. This book is one of the best military biographys I have read. Since my military book collection will soon touch a thousand that means I've read a lot. Take my word for it,if you are interested at all in the mutiny or Crimea this book will please you immensely. Its hardback from the history press and £25 but if you go to amazon its less than £15. The full title is-Victorias Scottish lion,the life of Colin Campbell, lord Clyde.
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