455 Eley

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455 Eley

Postby Will Mathieson » 12 Dec 2013 03:25

Looking to find out serial number dating and history in regards to 455 Eley Colt New Service revolvers.
I believe I have one dating 1914 but would like to know if that could be narrowed down.
Lastly where to find ammo in Ontario. I believe the original bullet was a 262 grain lead one.
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Re: 455 Eley

Postby GrantRCanada » 13 Dec 2013 08:20


According to one reference I have (R.L. Wilson's "Colt: An American Legend") the serial numbering of the New Service revolver for 1914 started with 60200 and ended with 72499 (assuming, of course, that the .455 revolvers weren't numbered separately ...)

The original Mark II .455 Webley service revolver cartridge used a 265 grain hollow base bullet with a rather long nose. .455 Eley was simply a commercial version of the military service cartridge. The only commercially loaded ammunition currently available, so far as I am aware, is produced by Fiocchi. It is rather pricey and can be difficult to find.


Some of the dealers in Ontario may have it .... I don't know. However, CanadaAmmo in Vancouver offer it for $46.99 for a 50 round box (https://www.canadaammo.com/product/detail/50-round-box-of-fiocchi-webley-455-ammo/) and Budget Shooters Supply in Surrey, BC for $48.00 (http://www.budgetshootersupply.ca/frame.cfm?ItemID=305&CategoryID=5)

I have a whole stable of .455 revolvers, and load my own cartridges .... which is much more economical.
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