Swords: P1854 Infantry manuf Maynard, Harris & Grice

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Swords: P1854 Infantry manuf Maynard, Harris & Grice

Postby CBucci » 27 Aug 2010 03:19

Hi My Name is Charles from Long Island, NY, USA. I have owned a couple of nice swords for several years now, but like most people need money more than an edged weapon. I would love to sell but more than that I would love to find out who was the original owner. It was first asked of me by a buyer (that deal never happened) now I am a little obsessed with finding out. I don't even think I want to get rid of the sword if I find out something unique, my kids will need at least one thing to fight over when i die. Glad I found this forum. People on here seem really bright. I hope they can help. Thanks in advance.
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Re: HI all.

Postby swordcollector1 » 27 Aug 2010 09:24

Hi Charles, and welcome to the Forum! You have a British 1854 Pattern Infantry Officer's sword. The firm of Maynard, Harris & Grice were in business at 126 Leadenhall Street, London, between 1869 and 1878, but sadly unless the sword has an owner's name or crest somewhere on the blade, you won't be able to find out who owned it. Out of all the sword makers and retailers operating during the heyday of the British Empire, only the Wilkinson purchase records have survived.

Hope this helps. If your descendants do end up fighting over their inheritance, at least they'll have something interesting to fight with! :D

PS: The buff leather sword knot may be original to the sword but should really be attached to the guard rather than the scabbard - I have a document with diagrams showing how this can be done, so send me a Private Message if you want it. It's in a .pdf file which for some reason I can't attach here.
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