Weapons of Native Trumpeter 2nd Bengal Lancer

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Re: Weapons of Native Trumpeter 2nd Bengal Lancer

Postby Frogsmile » 10 Jul 2017 08:49

W.Singh wrote:Apologies, for the late reply. I enjoyed reading this, the radio interestingly made its appearance shortly after my ancestors retirement, leaving the trumpet looking like the 'landline' of today - not sure if that is quite the correct comparison !

The badge you mentioned, I suspected, but never found images to support my suspicions. To be honest I was very happy after you confirming the 4 chevron and crossed trumpets.

You mention the" Indian Army no longer following as closley the British model for NCO rank", so this is why when looking up NCO on the internt the 'NCO wikipedia page' does not list India, which I could not understand earlier.

Your last paragraph was an interesting read, although i must say my favourite part was the last line, "None of this is relevant to your ancester..." Loved that !!

Thank you again Frogsmile.

I am glad that it was of interest to you and I agree that your ancestor saw the end of an era, with his world of horses, jingling harness and trumpets, soon to be replaced by machine guns, tanks and radios.

One important point that I omitted to mention is that trumpeters (as with drummers too) were maintained on a separate 'roll' (list of names) of men with a higher rate of daily pay. Thus when a troop (or any force) of men was listed it would be broken down to show the precise numbers of officers, NCOs, sowars, and trumpeters.

P.S. The Indian Army does have NCOs, but just three grades: Lance Naik, Naik and Havildar/Daffadar. It means they have rather a large number of 'commissioned' officers (albeit divided into two groups)! It reminds me of grade inflation in the West. There are now no prison wardens, but prison 'officers', no police constables, but universally police 'officers'. Even municipal council workers are all officers of one kind or another.
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