Martini-Henry Cartridge Paper Wrappers

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Martini-Henry Cartridge Paper Wrappers

Postby AlexReece » 03 Nov 2016 18:46

Hello Fellow Members.

I'm looking to find more information on the Martini Henry Cartridge Paper Wrappers used by the British Army 1879-1890. I have read many conflicting accounts on how the wrappers where printed, I know Wrappers where changed a few times during these years ie the introduction of Carbine Ammo, Solid Drawn Case etc etc.

Many repos seem to be so different and originals scarce to compare by.

450 MH Ball label (500x418).jpg
450 MH Ball label (500x418).jpg (57.88 KiB) Viewed 349 times

Even with this so called original above it has a black rectangle by the date to confirm its for MH Rifle and not Carbine but some accounts have these solid rectangles as printed in red ? and red outline rectangle for Carbine....was this correct ?

Regards Alex
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