WARNING | Email addresses in threads

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WARNING | Email addresses in threads

Postby Mark » 07 May 2014 08:40

Dear All

Just a friendly warning about posting your email addresses in threads. Spambots on the internet trawl the web looking for email addresses which they then add to their databases as a target for later spam email. As such you may wish to send your email address via PM rather than posting in a publc thread.

However, you can email a member via the email button link under the avatar (if available). Email addresses stored in members profiles are not avaialble to be seen by the electronic spammers and so perfectly safe.

We can block bots but if we do so then the search engines cannot see our content thus making us more difficult to find for potential new members. The exception to this is the collector showcase sub-forum which is blocked off completely to bots and non-registered members.

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Re: WARNING | Email addresses in threads

Postby Jonathan » 07 May 2014 17:09

I would also recommend NOT using your email address as your user name!
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