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Buying and Selling Militaria on the Forum

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2013 22:21
by Mark
Dear All

It has been noted that there has been somewhat of an increase in commercial activity on the forum in recent months. While we do not wish to stop individual forum members buying and selling (in the appropriate sub-forum) items of militaria between themselves we do have a clear set of rules regarding such activities. Can I ask all members who wish to trade in Victorian military collectibles to remind themselves of the current rules below so they do not fall foul of them?

Thank you all in advance!


The Victorian Wars Forum is a non-profit making web site and a free resource for all who wish to use it. With this in mind all members are asked not to place any adverts, banners or other links of a commercial nature within their profiles, signatures or posts. The Forum Administrator wishes the Forum to remain free of any commercial ties and is neutral in such matters.

However it is recognised that links to other web sites or forums may be entered onto posts on this forum and these external web sites may have commercial content in addition to the information linked to. Such links are acceptable providing the link is directed towards the relevant information and not the commercial aspect of it.

It is also recognised that many members may also be collectors of items from the period relevant to the purpose of the Forum. Apart from dealers of militaria many collectors will privately sell and exchange items with fellow collectors. To facilitate this (and to keep it separate from the other sections of the Forum) a ‘British Victorian Militaria for Sale or Wanted’ section has been set up where members may post information of items for sale providing:

1) The item description is accurate and honest without any intention to deceive.
2) The item must not be illegal in the country of the buyer (or indeed the seller.) Remember some items are legal in one country but outlawed in another.
3) No copies or fakes are to be sold through the Forum with the exceptions of reproductions used for re-enactment purposes.
4) The price is clearly stated and any other additional costs such as postage or PayPal fees etc.
5) A ‘no quibbles’ 100% money back guarantee must be offered by sellers.
6) Only one or two items to be listed at a time.
7) Links to items on eBay or Speedbid or similar are permitted but they must link direct to individual auction lots and not online shops etc.
8) Members understand that it is a private sale and the Forum is not involved in any part of the transaction and is not liable for any after sale issues.

DO NOT place items for sale from outside of the period covered by the Forum or in any of the other sections.

Likewise you MUST NOT attempt to sell anything that is not related to the British military (or its enemies) even though it may be from period.

Dealers are NOT permitted to place items for sale in this section. Only private sales are acceptable but dealers may request their web site or shop to be listed in the Militaria Dealers section.

Finally once your item has sold or has been withdrawn for sale can you please edit your orginal post stating that the item is in fact SOLD or has been WITHDRAWN. This will allow forum staff to lock and remove the thread so it does not clog up the For Sale & Wanted section.

Failure to comply with the above will see the relevant post or posts deleted without warning. Persistent offenders may face more serious sanctions including expulsion from the Forum.

A reminder of the rules regarding commerical activity

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2013 13:42
by Mark
Can I remind members - particularly those who are militaria dealers - that the forum has specific rules regarding commercial activity? If you are a dealer you may NOT directly sell on the forum but you can have a link to your web site or shop/phone/email details listed (please contact me for this). If you are an individual wishing to sell the odd bit of militaria now and again you must list the item(s) for sale in the 'For Sale or Wanted' section only. Should anyone want to sell an item please do refer to the forum rules to ensure all goes smoothly.

This topic is not a discussion point and so will be locked.

Thank you in advance!


The Sale of Firearms on the Forum

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2014 21:24
by Mark
I have noticed that the sale of firearms has increased on the forum, including one member potentially holding such a weapon outside of UK law. As such this aspect of the for sale and wanted section is now under review.

In the meantime can I ask members that any item for sale via the forum should be legal in both the country of the seller and the buyer. All transactions are private, and the forum holds no responsibility for the sale nor will get involved with any disputes that may arise between the parties involved. Any member thinking of selling any item must first read the rules on commercial activity, and any breach of those rules will result in the sale/post being removed.

Since this is an information only topic, and not for discussion, this thread is locked.