FORUM RULES: Please read first before posting!

Please read the forum rules before posting and check new announcements for the latest forum news!

FORUM RULES: Please read first before posting!

Postby Mark » 10 Aug 2007 16:45

Unfortunately we live in an age where rules and regulations are required to ensure fair play and to protect individuals from transgressions. This Forum is not an exception to this and so a small number of rules have been formulated to serve the best interests of not only the Forum owner but also all the members who use it.

Please do read all the rules (and I have attempted to keep them concise and to a minimum) since by using the Forum you are agreeing to abide by them. Failing to comply with these rules may result in sanctions including being permanently excluded from the Forum for persistent offenders or serious infringements.

The Forum owner reserves the right to amend and update the rules as the Forum naturally develops and grows. Any changes will be announced in the Notice Board section. If you feel the rules can be improved please do feel free to contact me by PM.


All members are required to respect decisions made or actions taken by the Administrator or Moderators regarding forum management issues and abide by them. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of the rules! If any member strongly disagrees with a forum staff decision or action then he/she is welcome to discuss it with the Administrator via PM but not on a public forum. However, the Administrator reserves the right to rule on any matter which will be considered final.

Before proceeding it should be noted that the official language of this forum is ENGLISH. All discussions will be conducted in English and should anything be posted in another language a full and accurate translation must be posted along with it. While we understand that the Victorian Wars took place all over the world, and thus attracts those from many different countries, we have to be able to communicate with each other using a single common language. Since English will be the most commonly spoken language among the potential membership of this forum it has been chosen as the one to use.

Any posts not written in English that do not have an accurate English translation will be deleted without warning!

The Victorian Wars Forum is intended to act as a free online knowledge bank regarding the wars and campaigns fought by Great Britain and her Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria and, to a lesser extent, in the immediate post-Victorian years up to the outbreak of the First World War. It is hoped that the Forum will facilitate the stimulation of debate and help in the study of this period to the benefit of all members and other visitors.

Forum members are, therefore, required to:
1) Keep posts relevant to the purpose of the Forum.
2) Keep posts on topic when replying to the original question or debate beginning the thread.
3) Keep banter down to a reasonable level so that it does not clog up threads.

As regards to point number 3 above the Victorian Wars Forum is a ‘friendly’ forum where members are encouraged to make friends and enjoy their time while using it. Banter is perfectly acceptable but should not take over a thread to the detriment of the topic content.

Any posts that are felt by Forum Staff to contravene the above guidelines may be removed by the Forum Administrator or Moderators without warning.

Please be aware that the scope of this forum - i.e. the year range it studies - is the Victorian period. That is from the time Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 until the end of the last great Victorian campaign (the Anglo-Boer War) in 1902. Although Queen Victoria died in 1901 it is obviously important to include the end of the last major conflict which began during her lifetime.

In addition to the Victorian period the decision was taken to allow 'limited' discussion on the immediate post-Victorian campaigns from the end of the Boer War in 1902 up until the outbreak of the First World War. These 'few and minor' campaigns or expeditions were often Victorian in nature and are seldom covered anywhere else on the internet. With this in mind it made sense for the "Other Campaigns" section to have the extended dates of 1837-1913. If you do wish to ask any questions regarding such campaigns please do so ONLY in this extended sub-forum!

However please remember that we are here to mainly discuss the wars and campaigns of the Victorian period. The only exception to this will be that of the immediate post-Victorian period mentioned above. Please do not make posts regarding the Napoleonic Wars or the First World War etc. or any others that did not include the involvement of Great Britain or her Empire! There are plenty of other forums on the internet, such as the Napoleonic and Great War Forums, that may be able to help you in earlier and later periods of interest. If you are interested in the Napoleonic period please visit our sister-forum at


A high standard of good behaviour is expected from all members at all times while using the Forum. Members are therefore required:

1) To be civil towards other members at all times.
2) Never make public attacks on other members.
3) Not to send unwanted PMs via the Forum when previously asked to desist in doing so by another member or Forum Staff.
4) Not to send any offensive, insulting or derogatory PMs to other members.
5) To refrain from using any avatar or other image that is offensive or reasonably believed would cause offence if displayed. Avatars depicting extreme political or religious views or pornography will not be tolerated.
6) To report any problems of inappropriate posts or images to the Administrator or a Moderator and leave the issue for Forum Staff to deal.
7) Not to join the Forum under multiple usernames. Duplicate named will be deleted.
8) Signatures must not contain any offensive content or link to web sites of a commercial nature.

Members who fail to meet the above will be given a warning and persistent offenders may be excluded from the Forum permanently.

The Victorian Wars Forum discourages the use of profanity/swearing by members. This is in order to keep the forum accessible to members of all ages and backgrounds as well as to avoid being blacklisted by net-filters etc. To this effect a profanity filter is in place which will automatically edit known swear words upon posting by replacing letters with asterixes.

The issue of copyright applies to this forum as it does with any other form of public publication. Members are therefore required to keep within the law when using extracts from other works protected by copyright and where possible seek permission from the original author before reproducing it.

However, as with any piece of academic research, references to works published by others is perfectly acceptable provided that the original source/author is properly acknowledged in the same post containing the information. That is name of the author, the title of his or her work and, where possible, the year of publication.

This does not mean you can reproduce a complete work of another on the Forum but rather use extracts to highlight a point in a discussion or act as evidence to back up claims. Generally, for educational purposes, up to 5% of a work can be reproduced in this manner.

Should the author or source be unknown then it might be wise to state ‘Anon’ at the end of the quotation. This will help to show that the poster of the information has at least sought the details of the author or source before reproducing it.

Any posts found by Forum Staff to be at odds with the above will be deleted without warning.

For further information on UK Copyright Law please consult The UK Copyright Service:


Should any member or guest be an author or publisher of any book(s) or other materials protected by copyright laws and, whilst using this forum, encounter anything they believe has been reproduced from the book without permission or under the fair usage guidelines please do not hesitate to contact a member of the forum staff. While we do our best to ensure forum copyright guidelines are enforced there will be times when things potentially go unnoticed. If this should ever be the case we will, with your help, take the appropriate action to ensure the matter is corrected.

The Victorian Wars Forum is a non-profit making web site and a free resource for all who wish to use it. With this in mind all members are asked not to place any adverts, banners or other links of a commercial nature within their profiles, signatures or posts. The Forum Administrator wishes the Forum to remain free of any commercial ties and is neutral in such matters.

However it is recognised that links to other web sites or forums may be entered onto posts on this forum and these external web sites may have commercial content in addition to the information linked to. Such links are acceptable providing the link is directed towards the relevant information and not the commercial aspect of it.

It is also recognised that many members may also be collectors of items from the period relevant to the purpose of the Forum. Apart from dealers of militaria many collectors will privately sell and exchange items with fellow collectors. To facilitate this (and to keep it separate from the other sections of the Forum) a ‘British Victorian Militaria for Sale or Wanted’ section has been set up where members may post information of items for sale providing:

1) The item description is accurate and honest without any intention to deceive.
2) The item must not be illegal in the country of the buyer (or indeed the seller.) Remember some items are legal in one country but outlawed in another.
3) No copies or fakes are to be sold through the Forum with the exceptions of reproductions used for re-enactment purposes.
4) The price is clearly stated and any other additional costs such as postage or PayPal fees etc.
5) A ‘no quibbles’ 100% money back guarantee must be offered by sellers.
6) Only one or two items to be listed at a time.
7) Links to items on eBay or Speedbid or similar are permitted but they must link direct to individual auction lots and not online shops etc.
8) Members understand that it is a private sale and the Forum is not involved in any part of the transaction and is not liable for any after sale issues.

DO NOT place items for sale from outside of the period covered by the Forum or in any of the other sections.

Likewise you MUST NOT attempt to sell anything that is not related to the British military (or its enemies) even though it may be from period.

Dealers are NOT permitted to place items for sale in this section. Only private sales are acceptable but dealers may request their web site or shop to be listed in the Militaria Dealers section.

Finally once your item has sold or has been withdrawn for sale can you please edit your orginal post stating that the item is in fact SOLD or has been WITHDRAWN. This will allow forum staff to lock and remove the thread so it does not clog up the For Sale & Wanted section.

Failure to comply with the above will see the relevant post or posts deleted without warning. Persistent offenders may face more serious sanctions including expulsion from the Forum.

A number of members have written books on the Victorian wars and campaigns which might be of interest to members. Although the Victorian Wars Forum is to remain non-commercial in nature I feel it would be a shame if these books were not brought to the attention of members. It is therefore permitted for members who have published books to post details in the "Reference Books & Other Materials" section. Details would include the title of the book, author and ISBN as well as a summary or write-up as to what the book is about and where it can be purchased. A number of authors may wish to offer their books signed and available direct from themselves - again this is also permitted.

What we want to avoid is any "over-advertising" of books and publications - i.e. multiple threads and/or posts persistently mentioning the book. However a thread in the above mentioned section is perfectly acceptable. Please also ensure you do not advertise any books that are not directly relevant to the Victorian period and the various campaigns or other military issues covered by the scope of this forum. Any infringement of these rules will result in the posts being deleted without warning by forum staff.

If in doubt please feel free to send me a PM or email first to ask for advice. We want to help forum members in their interests which hopefully will be of help to authors too.

For the vast majority of breaches of forum rules a friendly nudge from the Administrator or a Moderator is all that is required to keep things in order. We understand that it is not always easy to remember every rule and unintentional breaches will sometimes occur. However, for more serious breaches or persistent breaches by members who know they are breaking forum rules a warning system will be used:

For minor offences a formal warning will be issued by a member of the forum staff to remind members of the rules they are expected to abide by.

For more serious offences a ‘Yellow’ card will be issued to a member who intentionally breaks forum rules. Any member presented with a yellow card will incur a temporary ban of 7 days for a first offence and 14 days for second and subsequent offences.

For very serious breaches or persistent breaches where a member has received numerous previous temporary bans a ‘Red’ card may be issued. Red cards incur a permanent ban and the member will not be allowed to return to the forum at any time in the future.

While Moderators will issue warnings and Yellow cards only the Administrator will issue a Red one. Red cards are issued after discussion by forum staff of the offence committed and are only considered in extremely serious circumstances.

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Purpose & Rules of Collector Showcases

Postby Mark » 02 Jun 2011 20:47

The purpose of the collector showcases is simple – to display personal collections online for other Forum members to see and enjoy. Many of us collect items which, unless we have our own public museums, cannot be easily shared with others who hold similar interests. Sadly we also live in an age where such valuable items are at risk from thieves who would seek to profit from our hard work and collections. We therefore are forced to secure our treasured items and lock them away thus reducing the possibility of sharing them with others even further. Many of us also do not know each other apart from our contact on the Forum. Many of us live far apart or even in different countries and so cannot physically show off our items to our online friends.

I am sure you will all agree that it is a shame that we cannot share our much loved collections with others. However, while not perfect, the internet holds a part solution to the problems outlined above. In an age of sharing digital information we can display our collections online in the form of written text and images. This helps ensure our collections are kept safe while allowing others to enjoy what we have.

You may post any item you wish to in your personal showcase providing it is an original item and is British military (or British Empire forces) from the Victorian era or the immediate post-Victorian period - i.e. 1837 to 1913. You may also post original military items used by the opposing forces who Britain (or her Empire forces) fought on the battlefield during this period. With that in mind please do not post anything else that does not fall within this criteria or items from outside the year range stated above. Any such items are beyond the focus of the Forum and will be removed by Forum Staff.

Only registered members can view showcases and they will remain invisible to unregistered guests. Please also feel free to comment on others collections and add anything you may think would be of interest to them.

Remember: If you want a showcase please contact the Forum Administrator first to set you one up!

Above all enjoy what others post.

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